Starcraft 2 – Terran vs Protoss – Counters And Strategies

In Starcraft 2, every unit will have the best counter to it, and this guide is one to cover Counters for the protoss when you are using the Terran.

Scouting enemy territory is a easy way to get prepared so you can start building counters eariler on. Building counters just as the enemy show up to your base will not be a good idea. Just because it says that this is the best counter for this unit, doesn’t mean its the only one.


Hellion :They are the most earliest and cheapest counters you can get to Zealots. They do a 14 damage in a straight line, and if you hit and run, then zealots are completely useless against Hellions.

Reaper :Reapers deal 18 damage per attack against light armored units, and are also incredibely fast, so using them to hit and run is also a good strategy.

Walling :If you are getting rushed by zealots, the best thing you can do to stop it is walling off your choke point. Use marines to cover the wall and they can’t get through and will die if they try to destroy your wall.

Mass Marines: Mass Marines will always beat Mass Zealots.

Banshees: Will dominante almost any ground unit basically.

Ghosts: EMP!


Marauder: Marauders do 20 damage per attack against armored units, and just as by coincidence, the stalkers are armored. They are cheaper and easier to build.

Marine:  Mass Marines will always beat Mass Stalkers too. They are cheaper and more easily spammable.

Siege Tank: Awesome firepower.

Ghosts: EMP!


Ghost: One EMP Round and the sentry barely gets time to say bye to its energy and its shield. Now they are completely useless.

Hellion: Hellions have the bonus against light armor, and they can get around easy in big battles and destroy the sentry before it can do anything.

Banshee: Do massive ground damage and the sentrys pretty much die within 2 hits of the Banshee.

Note: Sentries usually are acompanied by loads of protoss forces.


Ghost: Again, the ghost will destroy its shield, taking away the hardened shield ability and essentially turning it into a huge expensive hunk of junk. This allows it to be destroyed by heavy attacks from tanks.

Marines: Marines deal less than 10 damage per attack, ignoring the Hardened Shield ability. And they attack fast, about twice as fast as Immortals. Plus they are light units, so Immortals don’t benefit from their huge bonus against them. Marines don’t die quickly because the immortals shoot really slow, and takes 3 shots to kill one.

Banshees: They don’t have an anti air. Looks like they are in a sticky situation.


Thor :They shoot further than them and they also are too heavy for the beam. May not be the cheapest option but still the best.

Vikings :Air superiority fighters eh? Vikings seem to be better then them. They do twice as much damage and have a much bigger range. Can’t be affected by the beam.

Battlecruisers :Not the cheapest option, But will beat them any day. Phoenixes have a bonus against lightly armored stuff and I think Battlecruiers are by far the most armored units in the game.

Void Rays

The most annoying things i have encountered, but they look pretty cool.

Vikings : Vikings outrange, are faster and are cheaper to produce. They also do bonus damage to them, destroying them pretty quickly.

Marines : Void Rays are the best against single high hp hard to kill units. This will allow them to use the prismatic beam to its full potential. But Marines can be swarmed, and are not the hardest units to kill in the game.


Oh ho these things piss me off. You are constantly being scouted and its pretty annoying.

Missle Turrets: Anti – Air detectors, place them in your base at logical areas to sweep and prevent and observers from getting and staying in your base.

Ravens: Mobile Detectors. You’ll need a few vikings to help kill them.

High Templars

Ghost: Again, these guys will drain all their shields and stuff, leaving them with a measly 40 Hp and they can’t even attack without the precious energy.

Hellion: With their high mobility, they can dodge most of the Psionic Storms your opponent will cast. They have a bonus towards light armour, leaving them pretty much dead.

Note: If you have a mass of marines, try to avoid these guys unless you reckon you can kill him without him casting anything first.

Dark Templars:

These guys are annoying, but once they are revealed, they are pretty easy to kill.

Raven: Again the mobile detector will allow your units to hurt them.

Missle Turret: For detection again

Ghosts: EMP will reveal them for a short time, and they are left with 40 Hp so they should die.

A scan from a orbital command will also reaveal them.


Ghost: EMP Round once again. If you take down their shields, 10 HP won’t do anything.

Thor: Not biological, and very beefy. THe 250 mm cannon will help in kill them. Do alot of damage against ground units.

Siege Tank: Not biological, so no bonus for the Archon. They do very heavy damage to ground units and have a huge range.


Viking : Viking, the king of the sky. They are by far the best unit to use to deal with these annoying things.

Thor : Thanks to their huge range and their decent damage vs air units. 2nd Choice

Marines :  Not the best you can use, but its better than nothing. Use as a last resort.

Battlecruisers: YAMATO CANNONNNN!!


They aren’t good against single tank units.

Viking :The Viking can kill the Colossus and they are pretty good at it. They have a bonus against armored units as well and they are also flying units so they dont have to go through these huge swarms of stuff.

Banshee: Not as good as Vikings, but they also do pretty decent damage (24) vs Colossus, and they can’t be hit back by them as well.

Siege Tanks :Superior range and big damage is exactly what you need vs Colossus. In Siege Mode, tanks severely outgun a Colossus.

Thor: Really tank and can easily kill the thing.

Marauders : Have a bonus against armored units, but make sure you spread them out.

Battlecruisers: Once again YAMATO CANNONNNN! oh and they can’t be hit by them.


Viking :Easily the best counter against the Mothership as well. They kill it fast and can out range it.

Ghost :EMP EMP EMP EMP EMP EMP until the shields and energy are down. Then it can’t vortex. THen you just kill it.

Battlecruisers: MASS YAMATO CANNNONNNNNN. Hopefully kill it before it can vortex you.

Thor : Huge range and can shoot it from afar.

Marines :Once again, not the best choice, but it’s still better than nothing.

The protoss are really annoying when it comes to going against them with Terran. The protoss are equipped with so much ways to kill and make life hard for the terran. Normal marine, marauder and medivacs and whatever you throw in will not beat the standard zealot, sentry and stalker build (unless you build more). Zealots will always beat marines, hands down, unless you have 3 times as much marines as they have zealots. I will be giving a few strategies I personally use to beat the protoss, but they don’t work all the time. Of course EMP will be playing a big role, but there will be some that don’t need to use EMP.


Ghosts will be one of your bestest friends when going against Protoss. If you need to turn the tides of a battle, just throw in a couple of emps. Shields are very useful to protoss *cough* Archons *cough* and energy too, and this can leave them very useless once they’ve lost both of these things, especially high templars (left with a measly 40 hp and they cant attack), and sentries (left with a bit of health and no skills to use).


Scouting is absolutely crucial for Terran on Protoss. You only need to scout early because later you will have the scanner sweep. You need to check on what he is doing, and keep a constant eye on his tech. Terran have that one advantage, which is they can change tech pretty easily. Oh yeh dont forget to check your own base for observers, or they may counter your counter.

Some strategies they may try to use against you:


Void rays are things who just come along and destroy half your base, and if you didn’t build a huge mass of marines and get them there in time, then your in a sticky situation. The easiest way is to of spam a lot of marines and always remember to use your orbital command to scan. If you see them trying to rush a load of void rays, then you got a slight advantage, and start spamming marines right away. Also ghosts emp is effective against them did i mention that?



Zealot Rush:

Zealot rushing is a very common tactic in Protoss vs Terran match ups. They may proxy a few gateways (proxy meaning building unit production builfing as close to the enemy so the units don’t have to walk as far) and send zealots after zealot. The easiest way of course, is to wall off your base. Walling will protect your marines from the zealots, and they also have the advantage of being ranged. To give a slight heads up for you, send a scout over to check up on the opponent. Signs of a zealot proxy rush are:

The opponent has almost nothing in his base.

Especially look for the lack of assimilators. Zealots don’t need gas. Therefore they are pretty useless.

Heres a Wall:

Sentry – Stalker – Zealot:

The three basic units of protoss. These put together seem to beat your marine marauder and medivac combos. The best way to counter this is … EMPEMPEMPEMP accompanied with your normal marine marauder and medivac. and also remember to scout. Signs of this include -

about 3-5 gateways or warpgates


If you were scouted, and you had mass marines, then its best if you just send them off to fight straight away, because you can be certain a few colossi will come out and burn everything they see.

Strategy you can use:

Marine Marauder and anything else you put in

Yes i know i said these were pretty hopeless, but it still might work. If you add a couple of thors or siege tanks then these things can tip you in favour.

1. SCV

2. At 8/11 build a depot and start the wall, send a scout. If he is going for a tech build, then heres your chance

3. More SCV, build a refinery

4. Build a barracks as soon as you can

5. More SCV

6. Build another depot, and another SCV to build another barracks. Get a tech lab on your first Barracks.

7. Marauders come out, Orbital Command, more SCV

8. Another barracks, reactor on the 2nd barracks. Get concussive shells and combat shield upgrades. Mule as much as you can

9. tech lab  on third barracks, spam spam spam marines and marauders.

10. Engineeing bay and research armour upgrade.

11. Scan and see if he has anything thats bad.

12. attack as soon as possible

13. If that didnt work, quickly revert to a ghost build.

You will need to be quick in resource gathering for this.usually they will have a few stalkers and a few zealots out by this time.


Reapers usually work well when going against protoss, as some of them will try to zealot rush you. Reapers can work with their really nice move speed to kill as many as they can, and they may even finish the fight early if you are lucky.

1. SCV

2. at 8/11 save up for barracks and start the wall

3. 9/11 get a refinery up

4. 10/11 get a depot up

5. get a tech lab as soon as you can

6. pump out a few reapers

7. go over and attack. usually you would attack with 3 or 4. If you have up to 4, start producing marauders

8. If your reaper rush didn’t win, hopefully you did enough damage to his eco. If he started to get stalkers, thats what the marauder are for. Now you can switch to another strategy.

Ghost – Marine – Siege tank

To begin You’ll start off with the standard Terran build.

A supply depot at 9/11, then straight into a barracks at 11.

Any scouts on you will give the impression your doing a mass marine and marauder

At 13 supply throw down your first refinery.

Then upgrade to your orbital command at 15 supply.

You’re gonna want to pump marines to ward off any zealot rush while you build. At 16 supply grab your second refinery. This strategy requires quite a bit of gas. Next you’ll want to tech on a reactor to your barracks. Now instead of building a second Barracks were going to move straight for a Factory. You will want to get a few Hellions when your Factory finishes. As soon as the factorys done, get a starport, and chuck a tech lab on your factory. once the starports done, put a tech lab on that. Get a few banshees to help harrass.

After this, Siege Tanks are going to be your main priority. You should have a decent army of Marines and Hellions to deflect any incoming attack. Now you have to go expand, and with the help of some siege tanks, defending isnt going to be too hard. Then get a second factory to help production of siege tanks and then the main person :


EMPs are amazing, thats all i have to say.

If they start to try and get a lot of air due to banshees, ( the only way you can find out is scan ), then start to up your marine output, and add a few vikings into the mix.

Mind Games:

Attacking a protoss early will force them to start building things that counter that, so say you get a marauder and marine army up to his doorstep. If he manages to fight it off, he will start building things that will stop future attacks of those things. This will force him to start building certain things to counter that, and in the mean time, you can changed up your tech and counter what you think hes going to do to counter your stuff.

Nuke Rush:

Since Ghosts will play a main part in protoss games, you mine as well do this tactic if you want to. This is where you get a ghost and quickly research cloaking and build a nuke. The quicker the better. Then get a medivac and get the ghost to go around the back of the base and cloak up, preferably not attracting any attention. Then the hard bit. Choose a nice location for your nuke to drop. Some of the best are

The mineral line


This will set them back a bit, so you can gain that slight advantage. <- Terran Guide for terran vs terran counters for terran vs Zerg – Protoss vs Terran - Protoss vs Zerg

Written by romandoggie

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